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I shouldn’t be jealous. You aren’t even mine. Unknown  (via somebodytoloves) Thursday Mar 27 12:15am
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Shout out to everyone facing the struggles of pursuing a higher education. Wednesday Mar 26 11:43pm
Wednesday Mar 26 11:42pm
Long overdue,

like since Saturday.

I don’t understand why people thinks it’s okay to bring up my past relationships, let alone make fun of them to other people right in front of my face. It’s cruel. So yeah, maybe I wasn’t dating the most-attractive guy, and maybe he was geeky and a lot different than I was… but at least he was respectful, unlike you. Being “hot” and being “cool” doesn’t matter to me. I’m not superficial like that. To publicly tear me down and make fun of my choice in boyfriends is just awful. I also don’t need a reminder all the time about how this guy you totally disapprove of dumped me and left me completely broken. I don’t care how drunk you were, there’s no excuse for being mean.

Wednesday Mar 26 11:41pm
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Wednesday Mar 26 11:27pm
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